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FBISE Chemistry Guess For 1st Year (11th Class)

Chem Guess Class First Year 2017

Section B ( Chapter 1 to chapter 6)
Chapter 1
(a) Define mole, Avogadro number, limiting reactant, theoretical yield
(b) Actual yield is always less than theoretical yield
(c) Sample problems ( 1.3,1.5,1.7,1.8,1.9 and 1.10)
(d) Exercise problems 5(b), 6(b)
Chapter 2
(a) Write down the important points of Plank’s quantum theory.
(b) What is spectrum?. Differentiate between continuous and line spectrum.
(c) The e/m ratio of positive rays for different gases are different but those for cathode rays the e/m values is the same
(d) Whichever gas is used in the discharge tube ,the nature of the cathode raya remains the same
(e) Describe how J.J Thomson discover the charge to mass ratio of an electron
(f) Rules for distribution of electron
(g) Sample problems(2.1,2.6)
(h) Exercise problems 2(xvii ,xiv (b)
Long Questions ( section-D)
(a) Derive the equation for the energy difference between energy levels frequency of the photon and wave number of photon which is emitted or absorbed when the electron jumps between energy levels in hydrogen atom
(b) Explain Quantum numbers
Chapter 3
(a) Predict the geometries of molecules on the basis of V.S.E.P.R.theory (a) PH3 (b) SO3 (c) PbCl2
(b) Calculate the bond energy of H-I. The bond energy of H-H is 436 Kj/mole and that f I-I is 151Kj/mole
(c) If the bond length and dipole moment of a diatomic molecule are 1.25 A and 1.0 D respectively, what is the percent ionic character of the bond?
(d) M.O Theory is superior to V.B Theory.Justify with one example
(e) Define bond length. Write different methods to measure bond length
Long Questions ( section-D)
Explain the geometries of following molecules on the basis of hybridization.
(i) CH4 (ii) BF3 (iii) H2O (iv) C2H4 (v) C2H2

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